League Fees

Annual Registration Fees

  • £25 per club (covers up to 3 teams in the league, and £15 for each additional team after that).

Weekly Fees

  • £10 referee/assessor fee per match.
  • £10 per week Tote.

About the Tote

We often get asked what the Tote is. This is like a league fee, and goes towards the upkeep of the league. The Tote is paid for 38 weeks of the year, even on weeks when there's no games.  We also have a weekly prize draw where teams can win back money too.

Some leagues might charge an up-front lump sum league fee of a few hundred pounds per team before the season even starts, but instead, we have our £10 per week Tote, which most teams find easier to pay on the weekly basis (with the added bonus of the weekly prize draws).