League Fees

League Registration Fee

  • £20 per team per season.

Weekly Fees

  • £10 referee fee per match.
  • £10 per week league fee (which includes entry into the Tote).

About our league fees

The league fees go towards the upkeep of the league and are payable for 38 weeks of the year (even on weeks when there's no games).

The league fee also includes entry into the Tote, which is a weekly prize draw that all teams in the league are entered into.

Some leagues might charge their league fees as an up-front lump sum of a few hundred pounds before the season starts, but we've found over the years that it's easier for teams to pay this weekly instead.

Playing season

Our season usually starts on the first Sunday in September and usually runs up to the last Sunday in May. We only have planned breaks for Christmas and Easter Sunday.

League Bank Details

If you wish to pay your league registration fee or weekly league fees (excluding the referee fees) via bank transfer, here's our details:

  • Skelmersdale Junior Football League
  • Sort Code: 601949
  • Account Number: 59474483