Player Registrations

Fill in the form below to register your player with the league for the 2017/18 season. Read through the form and make sure you have all the required information to hand before filling it in, as you have to complete the full form in one go, so can't save your progress.

This form should be filled in by the Manager, Club Secretary, or other club official. Note that players must be registered by midnight on Thursday to be eligible to play on the following Sunday.

The deadline for registering players is 31st January. After that date, any new player registrations will need committee approval to register, and this is usually reserved for teams that are short of players (and at risk of not being able to fulfil fixtures) or who need a goalkeeper.

    1. Player Details

    We need to know some details about the player that is being registered.

    Let us know which team and age group this player is registering for. Note that players can only be registered for one team in this league.

    Enter the player's first and last name.

    Enter the player's date of birth in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy. Players should show their proof of age to their manager and/or the Club Secretary, and this should be available to the league upon request.

    Enter the player's home address.

    Enter the player's school name and town. This is for information purposes so we can see which schools players in our league attend.

    Tell us about any medical conditions (including learning difficulties) that we need to be aware of for this player. If there aren't any, type in 'None' so we know you haven't forgot to fill this in.

    Upload a recent head and shoulders photo of the player. If you have problems uploading a photo, or don't have one to hand, you can email the photo to after submitting this form. Note that the player registration won't be accepted until we have received this.

    2. Parent/Carer Details

    We need to know some details about the player's parent/carer. This should be the main person the club will communicate with about football matters and for emergency contact purposes.

    Enter the parent/carer's first and last name.

    Enter the parent/carer's mobile telephone number. Enter the number without spaces.

    If you wish to give us additional contact details in case of emergency, add them here. Be sure to enter the person's full name and their relationship with the player so we know who they are. Also use this field to enter any other additional information if needed.

    3. Declaration

    By submitting this form, you are confirming that all of the above information is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also agree to let the league know should any of the above information change. You have verified that the player's date of birth is correct by checking their proof of age, and this will be available to the league upon request.

    N.b. After submitting the form, it may take a while to upload the player photo on slow connections, so please be patient.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.