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Player Registrations 2021/22

Player registrations are carried out via the FA Whole Game System.

Player Registrations

Teams have a rolling deadline of 11:59pm on a Thursday to submit players to play on the following Sunday throughout the season until the 31st January.

Getting started with the FA Whole Game System

  1. Login to the FA Whole Game System.
  2. Click the Player Registration Tab (if you don't see this, contact your Club Secretary. If they're unsure about this, contact your County FA).
  3. From the Player Registration section, you can add players, assign them to teams, add an ID check (confirm you've seen their passport or birth certificate), then submit them to the league.

Player Details

These are the details needed to register a player in the FA Whole Game System:

  1. Player Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Address
  4. Photo

⚠️ Note that each player can only be registered to ONE TEAM in our league. This means that players cannot be registered to multiple teams from the same club in our league, and cannot be registered to teams in different age groups in our league. ⚠️

Player Photo Guidance

  • The photo should be of the head and shoulders only (doesn't have to be a passport photo). This is so that the player's face is clearly visible on the player ID cards.
  • The photo should be recent.
  • The photo must be of decent quality, clear, and taken in good light.
  • There should be no borders on the photos.

Registering New Players #

Full guidance on registering players, assigning them to teams, and submitting them to the league (as well as a whole host of other topics) can be found on the FA Whole Game System Guidance page.

Player Transfers #

We have outlined the player transfer process below. More detailed information can be found on the official FA WGS Player Transfer Guidance page. Please note that transferring players takes longer than registering new players, so teams should give themselves plenty of time to get this done.

  1. The approaching club must send a formal 7-day notice of approach to the served club to make it clear that they would like to approach the player for a transfer. This is done outside the FA WGS and should be done in writing via an email or instant message. Evidence of this notice of approach should be kept in case it is needed in the event of a dispute.
  2. The served club can choose to waive this 7-day notice period if they wish. This should also be done in writing too. Note that this stage is between the two clubs and the league is not involved. For every transfer request that the league receives, we assume that the 7-day notice of approach has already taken place or has been waived by the served club.
  3. Once the 7-day notice period has passed, or the served team has decided to waive this notice period, the approaching club can then register the player in the FA WGS. The system should recognise that the player is already registered for another team in the same league and the transfer process can then be started.
  4. Once the transfer process has been initiated in the FA WGS, the league needs to 'Approve' the transfer request. To speed this up, please email registrations@skemjfl.co.uk to notify us about the pending transfer request (as we don't receive any notifications from the WGS otherwise).
  5. Once the league approves the transfer request, the served team will be notified via the FA WGS and will be given 3 days to register an objection to the transfer. If no objection has been made, then the transfer will proceed after this time has passed.
  6. If the existing team contacts the league before the 3 day objection period has elapsed to notify us that they have no objections, then the transfer can take place quicker. Note that the league does not chase clubs up about this.
  7. If any objections are raised within the 3 day objection period, i.e. if any kit or money is still owed, then this will need to be resolved before the transfer can take place. In the event of any transfer disputes, the league committee will make the final decision.

Help #

If you're not sure about how to use the FA Whole Game System, please contact your County FA as they have staff whose job is to help you with this. The league cannot help you get started with this as it's out of our control.

Player registrations should be done by your Club Secretary and they will have all the necessary permissions to do this. Your Club Secretary can also assign 'Player Registration Officer' access to other officials at the club.

Click here to download the FA Whole Game System PDF Help Guide