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Team Registrations

Please fill in the form below to register your team with our league for the 2022/23 season.

To find out more about the league and other general information, check out the League Information section. This section includes information about the match location, league fees, league rules, and everything else.

1. Team Information

Enter the details about your team below.

Enter the age group that this team will be playing in for the 2022/23 season.

Enter the full club and team name.

Let us know the shirt, shorts & socks colours for your kit. If you have an away kit, let us know this too.

Enter your club affiliation number for the 2022/23 season. If your club hasn't affiliated for the 2022/23 season yet, enter your 2021/22 affiliation number for now (or type in 'TBC' if your club hasn't affiliated at all yet, but they will need to).

Is your club an FA Charter Standard Club?

2. Manager Details

We deal directly with Managers about fixtures and team-specific queries, so we need a single point of contact for each team. Note that all Managers and Coaches should have a current accepted FA CRC (Criminal Records Check). This is a legal requirement for everyone that has a named role within a grassroots football team and we will check this. Managers and Coaches should also have a current FA Emergency Aid certificate and a current FA Safeguarding Children certificate.

Enter the manager's full name.

Enter the Manager's Date of Birth in this format: DD/MM/YYYY

Enter the Manager's FA Number (FAN).

Enter the Manager's email address.

Enter the Manager's mobile number.

3. Club Secretary Details

Enter your Club Secretary details below. This should be the person that is registered as the Club Secretary with the County FA. We will use these details for official correspondence between the league and the club.

Enter the Club Secretary's full name.

Enter the Club Secretary's email address.

Enter the Club Secretary's mobile number.

4. Welfare Officer Details

Enter your Club Welfare Officer details below. We will liaise with this person should any welfare issues arise.

Enter the Welfare Officer's full name.

Enter the Welfare Officer's email address.

Enter the Welfare Officer's mobile number.

5. League Fees

Let us know how your team will be paying their League Fees for the season.

Teams have 3 options for paying their league fees. Weekly, Monthly, or Up-Front for the whole season. See the League Fees page for more information.

6. Additional Information

If there's any additional information you wish to tell us about, add it below.

Please tell us whose contact details we can share (if any) for your team, e.g. on the Team Contacts page on our website, with other managers to arrange friendlies, with parents looking for teams for their children, etc. You can contact us at registrations@skemjfl.co.uk to change this preference at any time.


By submitting this form, you are confirming that all of the above information is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you agree to let us know should any of the above information change. You confirm that you have read, understand and agree with our Data Protection Policy and our Privacy Policy.

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