Team Sheets

Teams need to submit a correctly filled-in team sheet after each match via email to We use these to collect match results, referee marks, and so we can double-check the eligibility of players.

Team Sheet Submission Procedure

  • Take a photo of your correctly completed team sheet (see below) and email it to
  • In the subject of the email, include the age group and the fixture, e.g. U11s - Home Team Name v Away Team Name.
  • The deadline for submitting a team sheet is midnight on the Tuesday following a match.
  • When taking the photo, make sure all the writing on the team sheet is clearly visible and in focus. Hold the camera steady and take it in good light. This will make sure the team sheet is not blurry and is clear for us to read.
  • When emailing a photo of the team sheet, you may be asked what quality to email the photo at by your email client. 'Large' size or 'High' quality should be fine.

Note that you may not receive a response to confirm receipt of the email. If you send the email to the correct email address and your email is sent correctly, you can assume we have received it. You will then be able to show the league the proof of this in your 'Sent Items' folder in the unlikely event that any disputes arise.

Team Sheet Books / Print-Outs

Managers can buy a team sheet book from the clubhouse for £6, or a blank team sheet print-out is also available from the Clubhouse office too.

Team Sheet Rules

A reminder about the league rules about Team Sheets (Rule 10, M, N & O):

M. Before the commencement of the match, each manager is to fully complete a team sheet, have the sheet signed by the referee and exchange the appropriate sheets between each other. The team sheet must contain:

  • Forename and surname of all players
  • Both home and away Managers' signatures
  • Date of match
  • Referee's signature
  • Referee marks
  • The final score

N. At the end of the match, each manager is to ensure that they put down the referee’s marks and hand the white copy of the team sheet into the Office at Liverpool Road.

O. Any manager failing to adhere to the above shall be fined £25.00. For a reoccurring offence, the Management Committee shall deal with the offending Club(s) as they deem fit.