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Complaints Procedure

We have listed the steps in our Complaints Procedure below. Clubs need to follow this procedure if they wish to make a formal complaint.

Complaints Procedure


  • Complaints will only be dealt with if they are sent by the Club Secretary to our League Secretary ([email protected]) via email as a formal complaint.
  • The Committee will not respond to, or action, complaints submitted directly by Managers, Coaches, Parents/Carers or other spectators.
  • The Committee cannot deal with matters with regard to the laws of the game or FA rules that have been reported to the respective County FA.

Complaints Process #

1. Once a complaint is received, our League Secretary will forward it to the Skem JFL Committee, together with their recommendation(s) for how to deal with it in light of the current laws. The complaint will be forwarded as it is received, so as not to dilute what is being complained about.

2. The Skem JFL Committee will consider the complaint and will make a decision. Our League Secretary will then inform the Club Secretary about this decision.

3. The Club Secretary then has to decide if they accept this decision or not.
If the Club Secretary accepts the decision, that is the end of the process.
If the Club Secretary does not accept the decision, they have the option to make an appeal. Appeals must be made via email to our League Secretary, together with the payment of a £35 Appeal Fee to cover the cost of the appeal (this fee is reimbursed if the appeal is successful).

4. The appeal is then put before the Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee will arrange a meeting with the Club Secretary and/or Manager in order to discuss and consider the complaint further. The Disciplinary Committee will then make a final decision.
4a. If the appeal is successful and the original decision is overturned, the Appeal Fee is reimbursed to the Club.
If the appeal is unsuccessful and the original decision is upheld, the Club doesn't have their Appeal Fee reimbursed.

5. If the Club is not happy with the outcome of the appeal, the only other course of action open to them is to escalate the issue to the Liverpool County FA, to whom the Skelmersdale JFL is affiliated to. Clubs should only escalate issues to the County FA once steps 1-4 above have been followed. The Club Secretary should notify our League Secretary that they are escalating the issue to the County FA so we are aware that this is how they are proceeding following an unsuccessful appeal.