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Updated Test and Trace Procedures

Thursday 24 September 2020 15:30 by Jon Trenwith

The FA have been in touch with local grassroots leagues to make sure that the Government's latest NHS Test and Trace guidelines are being implemented at league venues.

The new guidelines come into effect today, so they will be in place in our league from this Sunday.

  • Our league venues have been registered with NHS Test and Trace, and they have given us a Poster with a unique QR Code on it.
  • These posters will be available at the entrance to the clubhouse and on the fence by the entrance to the field.
  • Each team's Manager and/or COVID-19 Officer, as well as the parents/carers, should download the NHS COVID-19 app for their mobile phone.
  • When entering the clubhouse or venue, they must scan the QR Code on the poster using the NHS COVID-19 app.
  • If they do this, they won't have to supply their contact details to the league, as this information will be stored in the NHS Test and Trace app instead.
  • If a person doesn’t have the app on their phone, then they must fill in their contact details on paper and hand these into the clubhouse instead.

Additional Notes

  • It is essential that each team's Manager and/or COVID-19 Officer keeps a record of everyone connected with their team that attends our venue each day.
  • Each team's Manager and/or COVID-19 Officer will be responsible for passing on all their team's contact details to the authorities should they be contacted by NHS Test and Trace.
  • The Government and the FA have asked for a maximum of one adult per player to attend matches, and unfortunately, siblings are no longer permitted to attend due to the stricter social distancing measures that are now in place.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in Government issued fines.
  • In addition, the league will be fining clubs £100 if anyone from their teams don’t adhere to these guidelines. If any teams have more than 1 adult per player on their sidelines, they will be instructed to leave and the team will be fined £25 per extra person.
  • We take these new guidelines extremely seriously and we don’t want our league being closed down due to non-compliance.
  • Managers should ensure that they have sufficient adults within their group to help setup and take down the goals & equipment for their game, with there being less adults at matches going forward.

We understand the inconvenience that these stricter guidelines will cause. The Government have put these measures in place in order to protect vulnerable people, so it is essential that these guidelines are followed if the kids are to be allowed to carry on playing football at all.

All grassroots leagues are in the same position and are having to follow the same FA / Government / Local Authority guidance.

Thank you to everyone for your co-operation in following these latest guidelines. For further information, please visit the Liverpool County FA's Updated Guidance on Test and Trace notice.