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Return to Football December 2020

Saturday 5 December 2020 18:05 by Jon Trenwith

As per the joint County FA's statement from earlier this week, which we also shared on our social media accounts, grassroots youth football has been allowed to resume from 2nd December.

We just want to remind everyone that all previous social distancing measures still apply. We want to keep the number of people at our venues as low as possible.

The Coronavirus pandemic is still out there, it’s still highly contagious, and it's still deadly. We still need to take all the necessary precautions to keep the risk of spreading the virus as low as possible if we are to be allowed to carry on playing grassroots football.

You can read our original COVID-19 Risk Assessment from 12th September 2020 here.

You can read our Updated Test and Trace Procedures from 24th September 2020 here.

You can read all the previous notices with information from the County FA's here.

Just to summarise some of the key rules and guidelines we still have in place:

  • Only one parent/carer per player.
  • No siblings.
  • Respect social distancing.
  • Continue cleansing/sanitising of the football each time it leaves the field of play.
  • Managers/coaches/first aiders to wear face coverings and gloves when dealing with players on the field.

We would like to thank everyone for their co-operation with all these guidelines. We hope that it is helping to keep our league officials, referees, and teams (managers, coaches, players, parents/carers, etc) as safe as possible in the current climate.

If anyone has any queries about the rules or the guidelines we have in place, please ask your Club Secretary to email our League Secretary, Jon Trenwith, and he will give them clarification and an official response.