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Referees Wanted

Wednesday 17 November 2021 22:00 by Jon Trenwith

Over the past few weeks, a number of games have taken place without a referee. The Skem JFL Committee would like to apologise about this and assure teams that we are working to address the issue.

Referees Wanted

Leagues will lose and gain referees each season. We lost some of our referees last season as some moved away to attend university or got jobs that required working weekends.

Normally, these would be replaced with new recruits from referee courses, however, due to the pandemic, the referee courses weren't taking place for most of the pandemic, so we didn't get the normal influx of new referees.

The courses restarted a few months ago, so we hope to see some new faces in our Referee Panel soon, but the long gap without courses has definitely had a negative effect on our numbers.

The past few weeks have been particularly difficult as we have had referees who have had to self-isolate, some who were unable to attend due to sickness or injury, and some who had been selected to referee at County Cup matches.

On paper, we have a sufficient number of referees to provide an official for every game. However, whilst we do everything possible to ensure all games are covered, this is not always possible due to referees having other commitments on the day, or on occasion, a referee can simply not turn up (with little or no notice).

What happens when there's no referee for a match? #

Going forward, the Committee will try to let teams know with as much notice as possible if they are not going to have a referee for their match. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions on the playing season, we cannot postpone games if they don't have a referee. So as happens in all other leagues, if there's no referee, the two team managers will need to agree between them who will referee the game.

Although we'll do our best to let teams know if they are going to be without a referee, please be advised that we cannot advocate for referees who simply do not turn up. Therefore, we would advise all managers to be prepared in case they have to referee on the day. There are whistles in the hub which can be loaned out, but these must be returned.

Referee Recruitment Drive #

The Referees General Manager and his team have proposed an idea for a recruitment drive, which may bring in some new referees or enable us to train up substitute referees to be called upon to referee in cases of shortfalls, and we are liaising with the County FA about this.

If you know of anyone who would like to attend a ‘Fit to Referee’ Seminar, please ask them to forward their details to

Referees Wanted #

We are actively encouraging managers, coaches, or anyone else that is interested in refereeing to get in touch with us. A reminder that refereeing is a PAID JOB, and our referee fees are currently as follows:

  • U10s: £15
  • U11s & U12s: £20
  • U13s & U14s: £25

Full support, guidance and mentoring will be given to anyone that wishes to referee in our league. Referees can start from the age of 14 and there's no maximum age.

Please email if you are interested.

Referees Wanted