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Player Availability and COVID-19

Wednesday 30 September 2020 16:13 by Steve McIver

With the increasing numbers of kids that are being sent home from local schools to self isolate, we are issuing a reminder about what teams should do if they have a shortage of players.

This should go without saying, but if any teams have players that:

  • Have COVID-19 symptoms (temperature, cough, loss of taste/smell, etc);
  • Are self isolating, e.g. have been sent home from school to self isolate, or are self isolating with other family members;
  • Are booked in for a Coronavirus test;

Then these players should not be playing football for the length of time they’ve been told to self isolate for.

If this leaves your team short and unable to fulfil a fixture, then please use our Fixture Request form to submit a Cancellation Notice ASAP. The earlier in the week that teams cancel, the better, as their opponents will then have more time to make alternative arrangements.

Minimum Number of Players

Please note that FA Guidelines say that teams can play matches with the following minimum number of players if they wish to:

  • U9s & U10s (7 a-side): Minimum of 5 players.
  • U11s & U12s (9 a-side): Minimum of 6 players.
  • U13s (11 a-side): Minimum of 7 players.
Players Wanted Adverts

Given the current climate that we’re in, with rising infection levels and lots of kids being sent home from schools to self-isolate, we recommend that teams try and have larger squads than they normally would, so they’re less likely to be left short should any of their players be unavailable.

If your team wishes to post a Players Wanted advert to recruit extra players, please email info@skemjfl.co.uk. Note that players must be registered by midnight on the Thursday to be eligible to play on the following Sunday.