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Pitches Update after meeting with the Council

Tuesday 11 February 2020 16:53 by Jon Trenwith

League officials met with representatives from West Lancashire Borough Council on 5th February to discuss the pitches at White Moss Road playing fields.

Pitches Update after meeting with the Council

We had a good productive meeting and we’re looking forward to working with the council closely going forward.

Here’s a quick summary from the meeting:

  • The council are going to carry out ongoing repairs to the grounds.
  • The drainage sumps have been cleaned out and this will be done regularly going forward.
  • When the grounds have dried out and firmed up sufficiently, the pitches will be Verti-Drained.
  • Other ongoing work that will be carried out include hollow tining, re-seeding, and sand slitting the pitches. Some of this will be carried out in the off-season.

The above work and ongoing maintenance should help bring the pitches up to the standard of where they need to be, and the council and the FA will help fund this maintenance.