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New Season Updates

Saturday 1 September 2018 19:11 by Steve McIver

We're looking forward to welcoming new and existing teams to the start of our league season tomorrow. Here's some general updates and information for teams.

New Season Updates

The Fixtures for tomorrow can be found here. Always check them carefully as they do change from time to time. If there's any fixture changes or cancellations at short notice, we will send a message to the Manager to let them know.

Pitch Plan

The Pitch Plan has changed slightly for this season and has now been updated. The address of the pitches can be found on this page too.

League Fees

Please remember to pay your League Fees in the clubhouse before your game or else the match won't start. As tomorrow is the first week, teams will have to pay their league registration fee (£20) if they haven't paid it already, a one-off referee assessor fee (£15), their weekly league fee (£10), and their match referee fee (which varies depending on the age group, but is around around £10). All these fees need to be paid in cash and receipts will be given.

Team Sheets

We still need Team Sheets to be filled in and signed by the referee and opposing manager, and then emailed to us after your game (to skemjflteamsheets@gmail.com). You can either buy a team sheet book from the clubhouse (£6) or you can print off a template found at the bottom of the Team Sheets page and use this instead.

First Aid Kits

It's important that all teams have a fully equipped and in-date First Aid kit. We will be doing spot-checks this season.

Team Colours

The Team Colours page has been updated. If any teams are wearing different colours to what’s listed here, let us know. Bibs can be worn in the event of a colour clash.

Goals & Nets

A reminder that the 12x6 goals need to be anchored down using ground anchor pegs. You can buy these anchor pegs from Peter the Groundsman (4 for £3). You also need pegs for the nets too, and Peter might usually has some of these for sale too. If your match is the first game of the day, you have to get the goals and corner flags from the container and set these up. You take your pegs with you after the match and tip the goals over once you’re finished with them so people know they're not anchored down any more (never leave the goals in the normal upright position if they're not anchored down!). If you’re the last game of the day, take the goals and corner flags down again and back to the container.

Player Registrations

Thank you to all the teams that have been submitting their player registrations via the FA Whole Game System. It’s a new system for lots of teams, as well as for us as a league, so lots of people are still getting used to it. Most local leagues are using this now though so we're not alone.

There have been quite a few teams that have been struggling to get players registered using the system due to delays in their clubs affiliating, getting teams setup on the system, learning how to use the system, etc.

So we’re going to have a grace period for the first couple of weeks of the season to allow teams to get all their players registered. During this time, we will not be using the squad lists printed out using the system, so no teams need to be showing these to their opponents (yet).

Once we’re happy that all teams have got their players registered and all the teething issues are ironed out, we plan to make a further announcement about when the squad lists (which are like ID cards printed on an A4 sheet) need to be used from.

In the meantime, if anyone is having issues registering players on the Whole Game System, you can email your player names to registrations@skemjfl.co.uk and we will accept these as temporary player registrations over the next couple of weeks.

Player Registrations Feedback

Here’s are some common issues we’re seeing with player registrations that can be easily avoided:

  1. Players being submitted without a photo - all players need a photo.
  2. Player photos in poor light so the face is too bright or dark to recognise.
  3. Player photos too small so the face isn’t easily recognisable and is too small in the photo. Photos don’t need to be passport photos, but they should be of just the head and shoulders so they’re the right size.
  4. Teams trying to register players for more than one team - players can only play for one team in our league, even if the teams are in different age groups, or if it’s for the same club with multiple teams.

Please respect the referees decisions and respect your opponents. We want to have a nice friendly environment where kids can enjoy their football. It's not win at all costs and we will not tolerate coaches or parents screaming at kids, opponents, or referees during matches. This is grassroots junior football, not the World Cup Final, so please can everyone remember this.