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League Update for March

Tuesday 3 March 2020 13:44 by Steve McIver

We had a committee meeting on 1st March to discuss the wet weather we've had so far this season, and how we're going to get the remaining games played before the end of the season.

League Update for March

Here's a summary of what was discussed.

End of Season Date

The final day of the 2019/20 season will be on Sunday 14th June 2020. This will give us 14 more Sunday's to play matches (weather permitting), which is every Sunday between now and 14th June, excluding Easter Sunday.

    Mid-Week Evening Matches

    Mid-week evening matches will take place on a Thursday evening from April onwards, once the clocks go forward and we have enough light. This could give us up to 11 extra weeks of matches before the 14th June, though we can only fit in one or two kick-off times per evening.

    We do have the option of having mid-week matches on other week days too, but we'll see how the weather goes over the coming weeks and how many matches we need to fit in before making any decisions about this.

    We don't like scheduling mid-week matches as they're inconvenient for most people (teams, parents, referees, league officials, etc), but it seems like the best way of fitting in extra matches under the circumstances, so this is why a lot of leagues do this.

    U12s Division

    The U12s division is the only officially competitive division, and teams will play each other once to complete this league. If any two teams have played each other more than once already this season, then any matches after the first match will be classed as a friendly. Our fixture secretary has gone through the fixtures to check this and has updated the U12s league table accordingly.

    Cup Matches

    We will be looking to get the cup competitions started for most of the age groups as soon as we start playing again. We usually have 2 cup competitions for the U12s (plus the league), and 3 cup competitions for all the other age groups below that.

    We are still hopeful we can fit these competitions in, though the format for each competition and age group may vary. For the U11s age group, we will be using their league games as their first cup competition, so our fixture secretary has gone through the fixtures and added an U11s league table for this.

    Additional Venue

    We are looking into the possibility of having cup competitions for some of our age groups take place at external venues, especially if the weather doesn't improve soon. This venue may be indoors (suitable for the younger age groups that play 5 a-side) or on 3G/4G. We will post more information about this once we have it.