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Fixture Requests Notice

Friday 10 September 2021 23:30 by Jay Howarth

There have been a few changes to the fixtures this week, so please can teams check their fixtures carefully before Sunday.

Please note that from now on, we will only be able to consider Fixture Time Requests if they are sent to us using our Fixture Request Form BEFORE the fixtures are published.

Otherwise, it's not fair to be changing fixtures for teams that have already organised their day around the kick-off times that were originally published, and we apologise to any teams that have been inconvenienced by this.

So if a team needs a specific kick-off time for whatever reason, please send the Fixture Time Request to us with as much notice as possible and before the fixtures for that date have been published. Teams should assume that once the fixtures have been published, they are then set in stone. The only time they could change is if a team submits a Cancellation Notice so can't fulfil the fixture, or if there's an issue beyond our control that means a kick-off time has to change (i.e. if there's an issue with referee or pitch availability).

Thank you to teams for your understanding about this.