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Encroachment on Sidelines

Monday 29 November 2021 19:00 by Jon Trenwith

Our league had a visit recently from Liverpool County FA’s Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Whilst she stated that she was impressed with our set-up and the behaviour on the sidelines, she did express some concerns about the number of coaches and spectators that were encroaching onto the pitches.

The Committee do appreciate that managers and coaches can get a little carried away when the game is flowing and they are trying to get messages to their players, but would like to remind them that it is an offence (as pointed out by the visiting County FA Designated Safeguarding Officer) for people to go onto the pitch without the referee’s permission.

The simple solution would be to erect Respect Barriers, but unfortunately, the layout of the pitches means that we don't have enough room for these due to the lack of space available between the pitches.

With this in mind, the Committee would like to ask for all managers/coaches, spectators, and non-playing children to please keep off the pitches when the games are playing, thank you.