Various Updates for 12th November 2017

Posted on 11th November 2017

Here's some various league updates for Sunday 12th November 2017.

Road Closures

There will be temporary road closures tomorrow for the Remembrance Parade. The parade will start at the Winchester on Liverpool Road at 10:30am, then march up Railway Road, and finish at the war memorial on Sandy Lane at 11am. More info here. Please allow extra travel time or take an alternative route to the Skem JFL tomorrow.

Minute's Silence

There will be a minute's silence to mark Remembrance Day before each match tomorrow, so the referee will invite each team to line up around the centre circle for this prior to kick-off.

New Team Sheets Email Address

We've had a few issues with the team sheets email address so we've got a new address for teams to use. From now on, please email team sheets to Team sheets need to be emailed to this new address by midnight on the Tuesday after a match.

Pitch Inspections / Announcements

Everyone should assume that the matches are always on each week, unless we post otherwise. Check our Facebook page for any updates before you leave the house on a Sunday morning (enable notifications for our page so you don’t miss an update), and remember that no news is good news.

If the matches are called off, we will update our Facebook page, then our Twitter account, and then we'll add a note at the top of the fixture page for that week.

When the matches are on, we won’t have time to post any updates as we’ll be too busy getting everything ready for the matches to start. So this is why we will only post if the matches are called off, and this is why we say that no news is good news and to assume the matches are always on unless we post otherwise.

When the matches were called off last week (5th November), and 2 weeks before that (22nd October), they were also called off in every other local Sunday league on those days and it was just bad luck with the heavy rain overnight.

We know it's frustrating when the matches are called off, but don't forget that unlike other leagues that finish in early to mid April, our league will run into May to catch up on any lost weeks, so at the end of the season, teams in our league will end up playing as many days of football as any other local leagues do, if not more.

Managers' Meeting

Finally, a reminder that there's a Managers' Meeting taking place next week, on Thursday 16th November. Full details can be found in our news story.