Team Sheets Notice

Posted on 14th September 2017

We are still getting team sheets filled-in incorrectly or not submitted at all. Teams need to submit a correctly filled-in team sheet for each match, and this is a mandatory rule set by the FA.

We've scanned a sample team sheet below to show how the team sheets should be filled-in. The team sheets should include:

  • Forename and surname of all players
  • Both home and away Managers' signatures
  • Date of match 
  • Referee's signature
  • Referee marks
  • The final score

The league has been lenient with fines in the first couple of weeks of matches, but from now on, fines will be issued if team sheets aren't submitted or aren't filled-in correctly.

You can buy a team sheet book from the clubhouse, or download an electronic copy from our Team Sheets page and print this out instead. You can find our further information on the Team Sheets page.

Update: Team sheets should only be submitted via email to from now on, and not handed into the Clubhouse.