Rules Notices for the 2017/18 Season

Posted on 7th September 2017

Here are some important rules notices for the 2017/18 season.

This is mainly for new Managers or Managers that didn't attend the AGM or the Pre-Season Managers' Meeting, as all of this was discussed and agreed at those meetings.

High Visibility Vests

All managers must wear high-vis vests for matches. High-vis armbands are no longer allowed. There's a £15 fine for Managers that don't follow this rule, and high-vis vests cost £3, so don't get caught out. The league has shown leniency in enforcing this rule in week 1, but it will be enforcing it from week 2 onwards.

Team Sheets

Team sheets must be completed and presented to the referee and opposition manager before the game kicks off. You can download a copy of the team sheet form and find out more on the Team Sheets page. The league has shown leniency in enforcing this rule in week 1, but it will be enforcing it from week 2 onwards and there's a £25 fine for not complying with this rule (which is a mandatory FA requirement). Update: Team sheets should only be submitted via email to from now on, and not handed into the Clubhouse.


All match and referee fees must be paid to the Treasurer in the clubhouse before the match kicks off. No fee, no referee!


The league is trying to produce fixtures for 4 weeks in advance to help teams and Managers with their planning. See the Fixtures page for a list of fixtures for each week.

Fixture Requests

The league requires all fixture requests to be submitted using its Fixture Request form, and this must be done with at least 3 weeks notice to have a chance of being considered (the league has already refused several requests that came in with less notice than this). Managers should submit their requests with as much notice as possible soon as they know them, and not wait to see the fixtures first.

Also note that teams and players that sign up to play in our league (or any league) are making a commitment to play in all the matches regardless of the kick-off time or what else is happening on a given day. If they have other commitments, it's up to them to juggle these around the football or to have cover in place to play the matches.


Teams only have 1 strike available to them for the 2017/18 season. A strike is the ability to postpone a match without losing the points. As discussed at the AGM, the league has showed its discretion by offering a free first-week strike to teams that submitted their requests by Thursday 31st August 2017. After that date, all strikes are being recorded and counted.

Kit Colour Clashes

In the event of a clash of colours, the away team must change colours, not the home team. See the Team Colours page to check this before your fixture.


If the away team doesn't have a change of kit, then the league would prefer it if they wore an away kit instead. However, training bibs are now allowed to be worn in the event of a colour clash if the away team doesn't have a change of kit.

Pitch Plan

The Pitch Plan has been updated. Teams should make sure that all its Managers, Coaches and Parents stand on the same sideline. Home teams should use the sideline that's nearest to the clubhouse, and away teams should use the opposite sideline.

League Rules

The Skelmersdale JFL League Rules for 2017/18 have been updated and can be found on the League Rules page.