Managers Meeting - 5th October 2017

Posted on 29th September 2017

The next Skem JFL Managers' Meeting will take place on Thursday 5th October at The Buffs, 368 Ormskirk Road, Skelmersdale, WN8 9AW. The meeting will start at 8pm sharp, but please make sure you've taken your seat by 7:50pm.

This meeting is compulsory and all teams in all age groups should be represented.

If Managers can't attend, they're welcome to have one of their parents attend on their team's behalf instead if needed. Please make sure that everyone signs the register at the meeting.

The league rules say there's a £30 fine if a team isn't represented at the meeting, but teams should attend these meetings regardless of that so they know what is happening in the league and so they can give their feedback on anything to the Committee.

Update 15th October 2017: The minutes from this meeting can downloaded below.