League Registration Fees for 2018/19

Posted on 27th July 2018

The league are now accepting league registration fee payments for the 2018/19 season.

In the past, we've taken the league registration fees on the first day of the season. But we've decided to change it for next season as we want to make sure that everyone is fully committed to playing in the league so we can get on with planning each age group, so we're taking the payments now.

The league registration fee is £20 per team in every age group.

You can pay this in cash or as a bank transfer.

If paying in cash, then Lee Scott our Treasurer will be in the Skem JFL clubhouse this Sunday (29th July 2018) from 10:30am until 1pm to take cash payments. The final date for making cash payments is at the Pre-Season Managers Meeting on 16th August 2018.

If paying by bank transfer, you can find the league's bank details here.

For teams that have played in our league before, note that the league registrations fees are £20 per individiual TEAM, not per CLUB, and there's no discounts for clubs that have multiple teams in the league. We've done this to simplify the fees. Our league registration fees are lower than most other leagues around too.

Note that the league registration fee is non-refundable unless we are unable to offer a place in the league for a team, or if a certain age group doesn't go ahead due to low numbers.