Free Friendly Matches in August

Posted on 18th July 2018

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As discussed at our AGM, Peter the Groundsman has said he's happy to make our pitches and goals available for free friendly matches on two dates in August for teams in our league.

The dates are:

How to book

To book your pitch, simply email with your team name and age group, and who your confirmed opponent is.

Only book a pitch if you have confirmed with your opponent that a match is definitely taking place. We don't want teams penciling in pitches in case they might arrange something, then not turning up.


  • Matches must kick-off at 10am and be finished by 11am. *
  • Your team needs to be registered with the Skem JFL for the 2018/19 season.
  • You need to sort out your own opponent (your opponent can be a team from outside the league).
  • You need to sort out your own referee.

* If demand is high enough, Peter is open to adding 11am kick-offs too, but let's see how the 10am bookings go first as we'd want to be filling these slots up before adding another round of matches.