Final Team Sheets Notice

Posted on 23rd September 2017

Last week, on Sunday 17th September 2017, we still had a number of teams that failed to submit a team sheet, or completed it incorrectly.

This is despite the league discussing team sheets at the AGM, at the Pre-Season Managers' meeting, in this Rules Notice, and on this Team Sheets Notice from last week.

The Committee met to discuss this and whilst whilst administering each team below with a £25 fine, this will be held in abeyance. This means that should any of the teams mentioned be guilty of a further breach of this or any other rule under the Skem JFL Rules, this fine will be taken into account when awarding any subsequent punishment.

  • (List of teams removed)

Update: We've removed the list of teams that was previously here as lots of Managers have been disputing this. The league cannot prove that something wasn't received if we haven't received it, so the league will come up with a new system for submitting team sheets.

Update: Team sheets should only be submitted via email to from now on, and not handed into the Clubhouse. There's more info about this new procedure on the Team Sheets page.