Fixture Requests

You must use this form to send in your fixture requests. Requests sent in by any other method (email, text, in person) will be ignored or forgotten.

Please send fixture requests in as early as possible. Don't wait for fixtures to be published before sending in requests as it will be too late to change them then.

    1. Fixture Request Details

    Note that we are no longer accepting any Strike Requests. All requests from now on must be fixture time requests or cancellation requests (which means forfeiting the fixture).

    Note that we will only consider fixture time requests for fixtures that have not yet been published. Any other requests will need to be cancellation requests and you will forfeit the fixture. For any general requests for the whole season (it will have to be a good reason and we make no promises about being able to accommodate these), pick 'All Season'. For Managers that have two teams, make sure you have a parent CRB checked and booked on a First Aid/Safeguarding course so you have backup if there's ever a fixture clash that we can't avoid.

    Tell us the details about this request - what you are requesting and the reason you are requesting it.

    2. Your Details

    You must be the Manager or a Club Official to be submitting these requests.

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