Fixture Requests

You must use this form to send in your fixture requests. Requests sent in by any other method will be ignored.

Note that managers were asked to submit their fixture requests for September by Friday 25th August, and going forward, the league needs at least 3 full weeks notice for any requests. Get your requests in as early as possible.

    1. Fixture Request Details

    A fixture time request is for requesting a certain kick-off time on a certain day. A strike request is for requesting a strike (postponing a match without losing points, and each team can have 1 strike per season). A cancellation request is for calling a game off as your team is unable to fulfil a fixture (the other team will get the points).

    The fixture date you're making this request for. If it's a general request for the whole season, choose 'All Season'. Note that we need a minimum of 3 weeks notice for all requests.

    Tell us the details about this request - what you are requesting and the reason you are requesting it.

    2. Your Details

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.