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Cup 2 Draw & Rules

The Cup 2 draw and rules can be seen below. Please refer to the Fixtures section to see exactly when the games will be played.

Cup 2 Rules

In the Cup 2 preliminary rounds, if the game is all square, there is no extra time and the game shall be decided by the taking of penalty kicks as follows:

  • U9s - U10s: 3 Penalty kicks, followed by sudden death
  • U11s - U12s: 4 Penalty kicks, followed by sudden death
  • U13s: 5 penalty kicks followed by sudden death

As all the Cup 2 games are on a knock out basis, should a team not turn up for their fixture or call it off, then due to the time restrictions in place, the opposing team will get a walk over.

Also, a lot of districts will soon be organising tournaments, so please can teams be aware that we are unable to work around these due to the time constraints we have in place to finish the season. Teams must inform us if they have entered a tournament as if they have, then no fixtures will be re-arranged to accommodate them, so the game shall be awarded to their proposed opposition.

Cup 2, Round 1

Under 9
Ormskirk FC Madrid v Skem North
Ormskirk FC Roma v Ormskirk FC Atletico
Inter Football Academy v Bye
Rainford Rangers v Ormskirk West End
Ormskirk FC Barca v Whiston Juniors
Aintree Ajax v South Sefton Borough Dynamo
CAE Madrid v Cherrybrook Wolves
Under 10
Rainford Rangers Inter v Skelmersdale Youth
Rainford Rangers Ajax v Clay Brow
CAE Milan v Ormskirk FC Ajax
Formby Community FC Athletico v Walsh Sports Community FC
Ormskirk FC Galaxy v Bye
Ormskirk FC Boca v Newburgh Harrock Utd
Under 11
Newburgh Harrock Utd v Linear Park
Bye v Ormskirk FC Sparta
Fieldway FC v Ormskirk FC Cosmos
Shevington Park FC v Ormskirk FC Barca
Real Skem FC v Skem North
Ormskirk West End v Ravenhead JFC
JN Sports Blue v Club Santos FC
Under 12
Kirkby Town v Formby Community FC Roma
Ormskirk Galaxy v Club Santos FC
Ormskirk West End v Newburgh Harrock Utd
Under 13
Clay Brow v Ormskirk Bayern
Skem North v Ormskirk West End
Lawmac Sports AFC v Dynamo Madrid
Club Santos FC v Rainford Rangers

Cup 2, Round 2

Under 9
Ormskirk FC Madrid or Skem North v Inter Football Academy
Rainford Rangers v Ormskirk FC Atletico or Ormskirk Roma
Ormskirk FC Barca v Aintree Ajax
Ormskirk West End v Cherrybrook Wolves
Under 10
CAE Milan v Rainford Rangers Inter
Clay Brow v Ormskirk FC Galaxy
Ormskirk FC Boca v Formby Community FC Athletico
Ormskirk Ajax v Rainford Rangers Ajax
Under 11
Ravenhead JFC v Ormskirk FC Sparta
Linear Park v Ormskirk West End
JN Sports Blue v Fieldway FC or Ormskirk Cosmos
Shevington Park or Ormskirk Barca v Real Skem FC
Under 12
Formby Community FC Roma v Kirkby Town
Ormskirk Galaxy v Newburgh Harrock Utd
Under 13
Clay Brow or Ormskirk Bayern v Rainford Rangers
Skem North or Ormskirk West End v Dynamo Madrid