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Cup 1 Draw

The Cup 1 draw can be seen below. Please refer to the Fixtures section to see exactly when the games will be played.

All games are knock out played at normal game time for each age group, if games draw at full time they go straight to penalties, U9s & U10s are 3 penalties each, U12s 4 penalties each & U13s are 5 each,
Under 9
Ormskirk FC Barca V Ormskirk FC Atletico
Inter Football Academy or Ormskirk West End 1970 V Skem North
*Semi Final
Under 10
Formby Community FC Athletico V Rainford Rangers Inter
CAE Milan V Rainford Rangers Ajax
*Semi Final
Under 11
JN Sports or Ormskirk Sparta/Ormskirk Cosmos V Ormskirk Barca
Real Skem V Shevington Park
*Semi Final - Winner of JN Sports v Ormskirk Sparta still to play Ormskirk Cosmos in Round 3
Under 12
Ormskirk Galaxy V Ormskirk West End
Formby Community FC Roma V Newburgh Harrock United
*Semi Final
Under 13
Ormskirk West End V Ormskirk Bayern
Skem North V Dynamo Rangers
*Semi Final