Week 15 - Sunday 15th April 2018

Saturday Notice: The games are on tomorrow. ⚽️ The ‘Cup 2’ draws will take place at around 12pm in the Clubhouse. 🏆

The fixtures below are subject to change depending on how the pitches are coping with the weather. Please make sure you send in your fixture requests for specific dates before the fixtures are published. Note that we are no longer accepting Strike Requests, but we will honour any requests that we received up to and including 8th April 2018.

Under 7s

Time Pitch Home Away Type Ref
09:30 J Ormskirk FC Black  v  Ormskirk FC Yellow League C Halam
11:00 D Skem Youth Academy Red  v  Lawmac Sports League C Halam
11:00 C Ormskirk FC Red  v  Skem Youth Academy Blue League M McClean
09:30 K Ormskirk FC Blue  v  TQ Football Academy JFC League M McCaffery
09:30 A Skem Youth Academy Madrid  v  Ormskirk FC Barca League J West

Under 8s

Time Pitch Home Away Type Ref
09:30 D Town Green  v  Shevington Park FC League W Jones
11:00 A Ormskirk FC Blue  v  Skem Youth Academy Inter League J Iliff
11:00 J Ormskirk FC Black  v  Skem North League M McCaffery
12:30 D Pilkington FC  v  Ormskirk West End League W Jones
09:30 C Ormskirk FC Yellow  v  Bickerstaffe FC League M McClean
12:30 J Fieldway FC  v  Ormskirk FC Red League J West
11:00 K Lawmac Sports  v  Skem Youth Academy JFC League W Jones

Under 9s

Time Pitch Home Away Type Ref
09:30 E Ormskirk FC Black  v  Ormskirk West End League T Daley
11:00 E Lawmac Sports  v  Dynamo Rangers League L Hobart
12:30 F Skem North White  v  Skem Youth Academy League B Barber
11:00 B Ormskirk FC Blue  v  Ormskirk FC Yellow League B Barber
- - Skem North Black  v  Bye League -

Under 10s

Time Pitch Home Away Type Ref
09:30 F Lawmac Sports  v  Rainford Rangers League M Fitton
12:30 E Ormskirk West End  v  Skem Youth Academy Dortmund League J Lucas
09:30 B Skem Youth Academy Inter  v  Ormskirk FC League B Barber
11:00 F Maghull FC  v  Skem Youth Academy Madrid League M Fitton
- - Dynamo Rangers Madrid  v  Bye League -

Under 11s

Time Pitch Home Away Type Ref
09:30 3 Dynamo Rangers  v  Lawmac Sports League B McNamara
11:00 3 Holy Rosary Corinthians  v  Skem Youth Academy League B McNamara
12:30 3 Skem North  v  Skem North West League T Daley

Under 12s

Time Pitch Home Away Type Ref
09:30 1 Sporting RedBlacks 0 v 2 Dynamo Rangers League L Hobart
09:30 2 Skem North 4 v 4 Messenger Express League J Lucas
11:00 2 Ormskirk FC 2 v 4 Ormskirk FC Blue League T Daley
11:00 1 Herald Juniors 4 v 0 Skem Youth Academy League J Lucas
- - Bye  v  Ormskirk West End League -